Virgo Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 March 2021: You're considering leaving your comfort zone

Don't forget to see the bright side of life – there's always some positivity in every situation


You let your routine carry you away at the beginning of the week, Virgo. But you want to give your heart everything it's asking for. If you want to experience a new cycle full of love stories and challenges, dare to take a step forward and go out to meet people. Go out in the street or even download a dating app – why not?

You're bored of repeating certain routines every day with your family. You wish you had more time for the things you truly like. Be careful with this attitude because you could be less loving with your partner without even realizing it.

Try to see the bright side of life and always see the glass half full, Virgo. Some natives will consider a romantic stimulus out of their comfort zone – it can help you change your attitude!

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Think about your weekly budget – the equator of the third month of the year is about to begin! Think about all the money you've spent up to now and the things you still have to pay. From here, think of the situations you can afford and the ones you need to avoid.

You need to be more careful at work and pay more attention. You can avoid stressful situations if you check your to-do list. Control those around you who are actually wolves in sheep's clothing – they might blame you for their mistakes and give you all their responsibilities.

Virgo, you can expect more productivity this week if you work in one of the following fields: biology, agriculture, science, or the cattle industry.


You could get somehow obsessed with your skincare this week. You will look for miracle creams that promise toned and bright skin. But be careful, you could be tricked by smart advertising techniques – just remember that miracles don't exist, Virgo!

If you really care about your skin, you should consider giving up bad habits such as smoking. This habit in particular accelerates the aging process of the skin cells. Stress is another factor that can have a detrimental effect on your beauty.

If you've started a diet recently, you will start feeling good results right now. Some people around you might even ask about your new diet and you could become a good example for them.

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