The Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 February 2021: Your self-esteem is doing well these days

You're the protagonist in your life and you won't let external problems affect you


Your self-esteem is strong and healthy these days, Virgo. This will make your day-to-day problems seem less important. You know you're the protagonist in your own life and you won't let anybody or anything cast its shadow on you!

You will have to be careful with your selfishness, though – and your temper! You may narrow your mind and you won't listen to the words of someone who truly loves you.

The other person will be patient up to an extent but be careful because they might get tired and fed up with your attitude. So don't be surprised if this person teaches you a lesson on how to be more humble. If you're single, don't cancel any of your dates. Maybe that person you're not really that interested in will become the most exciting date you've had lately.

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The main professional projects you're working in will go as expected. Your sky doesn't predict much novelty this second week of February when it comes to your career.

You will have to continue fighting to solve your problems so don't give up easily. You will soon find the right string to pull. Don't worry and bear in mind that at least, your problems won't get any bigger than they already are.

You shouldn't trust your sixth sense these days – you've been way more intuitive in the past. However, the Stars will make up for this by bringing very wise people around you. They will have good intentions and will give you the advice and support you need.

Make sure you pay off your debt – if you have any – and you ask those who owe you money to pay you back as soon as possible.


You will have to deal with certain obstacles that could have an effect on your health. Luckily, your willpower and the desire to look after someone in your family will help you move on. You need to stay in shape for them!

This is the perfect week to begin new treatments and therapies. It's a fantastic time to fight addictions – especially drugs and medicines. If you have the chance to travel and visit new places, this will help you distract your mind and relax.

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