Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 September 2020: Let your life surprise you

Your memory might not be the sharpest so put your house in order, sort out important papers, and find inner peace


You will feel that the way you understand love has changed over the years. It’s not a static feeling at all. There are many ways you can love your partner and those around you.

You will be very brave this week, Virgo. You will accept all the changes in your life and you will give in to the surprises you encounter every time the circumstances vary. You will even help someone else get over their fears.

If you’ve been married for a while now, you will be able to overcome this crisis situation you’ve lived in lately. You will be able to understand and willing to forgive each other. You will definitely show the best in you. If you’re single, you will have to lower the bar this week because you’ve started to think you’re too exclusive.

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You will aim high at work this week. You will start seeing some progress in your professional life and all the efforts will finally feel worth it. You will be surprised of the great results you can get in such a short period of time!

Mediocrity isn’t for you, Virgo. You dream of having an excellent curriculum to feel proud of. Actually, you will be able to take advantage of every opportunity you will have to shine and you won’t get frustrated even if the situation becomes too complicated – let’s face it, not everything will be so easy.

Your intuition will be very useful in your professional life. You have a unique perspective and you will be well appreciated this week.

If you’re able to stick to your budget, you will be able to afford that treat you’ve been dreaming about. You deserve to get that new phone or computer!

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If you’re undergoing a certain treatment, make sure you know exactly where your medical papers are. You don’t want to spend hours looking for these blood sample results or that report from months ago. Make sure you sort out all your papers and while you’re at it, check and take note of your next appointment.

Your memory will be your Achilles’ heel this week. You will forget about relatively important things such as the birthday of a relative or getting a package from the post office.

Something you can do to find some peace at home will be tidying up. Choose to put your house in order and maybe you can try an oriental style decoration – it’s known for letting energies flow freely around the house.