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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 March, 2022

Virgo, this week the stars predict magical experiences










❤️ Love

Virgo, this week you'll notice certain changes around you. If you're single, you need to know that the love interest you've been dreaming of may soon appear.

Remember that if you want things to happen, you sometimes have to take the first step. Virgo, overcome your shyness and enjoy a beautiful story!

💰 Money

Virgo, the stars remind you that you need to enjoy your time here. Happiness is not in material things.

Of course, money is important if you want to live decently. But your prediction reminds you of the importance of what's really essential. Love and friendship are what makes us really feel alive.

🛠️ Work

Virgo, don't try too hard to be who you're not. Just keep working as usual.

Your weekly horoscope advises you to act naturally because this is what benefits you. Don't try to be too likeable in order to be valued; it's just not necessary – be yourself. 

👩‍⚕️ Health

Virgo, your Horoscope for the week recommends you don't work long hours. If you sit in front of a computer all day, you could suffer from back or neck pain.

🍀 Lucky numbers for Virgo

Virgo, these are your lucky numbers for the week of 7 - 13 March: 5, 9, 10, 23.

🤝 Compatibilities for Virgo

Virgo, check out your best compatibilities for this week in love, friendship and work:

👍 Tip for Virgo

Never forget, Virgo: I want, I can, I deserve.

⭐ Virgo Celebrities

These celebrities are Virgo just like you:

- Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex born in London, United Kingdom, on September 15, 1984

- Amy Poehler, actress born in Newton, Massachusetts, on September 16, 1971

- Michael Jackson, singer born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958

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