Purple Virgo sign on a dark purple background

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 December 2020: You will gain control over your emotions

No matter how complicated things get, you will always have the support of your loved ones


Virgo, nobody will look after your love life like yourself. So if you and your partner are going through a crisis, you’d better work hard and find the source of the problem. Try your best and you will be able to bring peace back to your relationship.

You will be able to control your emotions again this week and no matter how many negative situations you may encounter, you will successfully communicate with those around you. You only need to find the right words and choose balance. Apologise when you think it’s necessary – and remember that sometimes a white lie is a good idea.

If you’re single, the Stars will help you connect with the person you like. Of course, things will happen slowly so don’t think that you will be able to start a long-term relationship with the first person you cross paths with.

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You will have problems trying to balance your personal and professional life this week. Your family and friends will need your attention and love during Christmas but your clients also want some attention these days.

Starting a business with someone close won’t be a good idea this time – no matter how good it may sound at first. Neither of you will benefit from joining forces in the same office because the differences will soon start to take their toll on your performance.

Make sure you find the perfect balance between your income and your expenses. Don’t forget about your family responsibilities – especially those related to the youngest ones at home!


You will be particularly dynamic but you won’t be able to prevent certain external agents from attacking your health: you could suffer from a cold or insomnia. If you have this last problem, you can choose natural infusions instead of taking pills without a doctor’s prescription.

If you have suffered from an injury, you will start recovering steadily but slowly. Just follow your doctor’s instructions here. Also, make an effort to eat well and add plenty of minerals and vitamins to your diet. 

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