Virgo Weekly on a sky background with shooting stars

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 5 - 11 April 2021: You will do some family planning

You will start to trust your closest workmates and delegate some work


Virgo, you're trying hard to spend some pleasant days with your partner: date nights, cultural trips, days out...but there's something that makes you feel a bit off. At some point, you've thought you don't deserve this type of happiness.

Single Virgo, Venus will help you have a very happy week. You will receive phone calls from people you had forgotten about and you will see that you're still attractive and sexy.

This will be a fantastic week to do some family planning with your partner. Maybe you want children, maybe you're happy just the two of you. However it is, you may want to know that this week is a very good time to try to get pregnant.

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You want to have everything under control at work but you need to know that this is impossible. Virgo, don't think that you're not capable of it because of a lack of skills. The truth is that nobody can have absolute control of any situation. Superheros belong to comic books, not real life.

This week, you need to stop complaining uselessly and start trusting your workmates. They can take some of the work off your shoulders. Of course, don't forget to congratulate them when they do a good job – this will motivate them to keep working on your common goals.

You will have an unexpected expense this week: maybe your car will break down or you will have to repair an appliance from home. Whatever it is, don't spend too much money on trivialities because you will have to use your savings for something more important.


The Stars predict some type of problem connected to your legs. Maybe you will suffer from poor circulation or other similar problems due to the many hours you spend standing at work. One thing you can do to prevent this problem is a massage with moisturizer once you get home from work.

You love food, Virgo, and you enjoy indulging. However, it's been too long since the last time you checked the scale. Why don't you have a blood test done to make sure everything is going well? If you find some imbalance in the levels you may choose to eat lighter meals for a while.

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