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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 30 November - 6 December 2020: You need to control your willpower

You're living a phase of great intuition that could either surprise or worry you


Your willpower will be a little bit fragile this week, Virgo. A romance could make you do things that you don’t really feel like doing  – and may be close to illegality! Maybe you’re going through a phase when your intuition can surprise and worry you at the same time.

If you are in a toxic relationship because you feel that your partner is manipulating your will, you should consider putting an end to this story. Even if they promise they can change, it will only be void promises. They know exactly what you want to hear from them.

All the other natives who aren’t in a toxic relationship will have a calm week full of harmony. Nothing will cause you trouble. If you’re single, you could have a little misunderstanding with the person you’re seeing – maybe because of politics or religion, or another similarly delicate topic.

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There will be plenty of light in your professional area. You will be entitled to memorable actions with your partners or clients. Try a business trip; being away from your usual zone could bring you good deals.

Be as diplomatic as you can and you will be satisfied beyond your expectations. You will experience intense emotions regarding your job and nothing can stop your pursuit of perfection.

If you are considering any expense related to your home, make sure it’s decided in a democratic way. Make sure you understand the preferences of your children, your partner, or your parents. Make sure you agree on the direction your money should take.

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You could feel a little bit down at some point this week. However, it will only be a hormonal imbalance. This is completely normal – especially if you’re a certain age or you’re under an aggressive treatment for the first time. Remember that whatever you feel it’s only temporary.

If you have to cry, then do it without shame or fear – even if it’s out of joy! Crying helps us relieve stress and other strong emotions.

You may want to start a new activity. There’s a sport or leisure activity you haven’t tried yet but you feel curious about. This could be a fantastic way to release some tension.