Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 3 - 9 August 2020: Treat yourself this week

You don't really have much free time during the week because of your many obligations and commitments


You will have a great attitude and the intention of enjoying your love life with comfort during this first week of August. However, there will be some clouds in the horizon and you will find a couple of obstacles on your way.

Virgo, you will probably feel unattended by your partner. This feeling will be even stronger if you’ve just started your life together. You don’t feel that the other person is giving you the same level of attention you give them.

If you’re single, your status won’t change for now. You don’t really have enough time during the day because of your professional and personal obligations and you want the freedom to do everything. You don’t want to be thinking about what time you were supposed to meet your date or the responsibility to cancel a plan.

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You need to start loving your job more, no matter what you do in order to earn money. Just like you love your family and friends you should love what you do too.

Live your job with passion this week and you will feel fulfilled. You will be more productive and at the end of the week, you will feel satisfied with your actions. Many Virgos will remember their childhood dream job and the vocation they forgot with the passing of time.

How are your finances? You’ve been doing a good job so if you consider you are on the right track, you can afford a little treat this week. Just keep it simple and only for this time, all right?

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This new period of your life begins with great energy. You will feel young and glowing and your efforts when doing physical activity will make you get to the top.

Those Virgos who work with fire or at high temperatures should be very careful. Your sign is at risk of getting burned this week. Be protected even if you’re not at work: wear sun protection if you’re outdoors.

Magnesium is very helpful when it comes to treating tension and stress. Try eating lentils or nuts, or you can also find it in pills – although you might want to contact your doctor before taking any supplements.