The Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 29 March - 4 April 2021: You will pursue inner peace

You will have to be patient and deal with the mood swings of those around you


Virgo, you should try to be as careful as you can these days and avoid being impulsive. Those around you are very sensitive and will experience extreme mood swings. One minute they will laugh hysterically and the next one they'll cry their hearts out.

If you're able to relax your behaviour, you will avoid annoying them – especially your partner. Try to be the rock your loved ones need and offer them your support.

If you're single, you will also pursue peace of mind this week. Things aren't exactly calm and quiet with your latest conquests – maybe you've been a player and they didn't like it. Avoid arguments and face-to-face confrontations that won't add anything positive to your life.

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You will know exactly who to call from your contacts list and you will receive privileged information. People love you and they will return you some favours. However, don't use this card too often – only when you really need it.

Do you want a pay rise? Then think carefully about how you will expose your points: talk about your achievements and make sure you mention your commitment to the company. Always tell the truth although you may want to hide some of your weaknesses – of course.

The best way to get closer to the future you want is by learning from your own mistakes. Be critical with everything you do and avoid self-pity – be accountable for your own actions.


You will be a fighter, Virgo. You would love to see quick results if you're trying to change your weight or build some muscle. This might lead to frustration but you need to keep in mind that your body evolves slow but steady.

However, if you truly feel that your body isn't changing as it should – especially if you're training for a specific sports discipline –, this could mean that you're ready for a greater challenge.

Be careful with your kidneys, Virgo. Drink plenty of liquid every day and control the colour of your urine – it's a good indicator of your kidney's health.

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