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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 28 December 2020 - 3 January 2021: You will take care of your love life

You can expect prosperity these days but you still need to be careful with your money


The end of the year is very near and your heart needs some fun, Virgo! Are you embarrassed about admitting the limits you’re ready to cross when it comes to romanticism and pleasure?

This week between the old 2020 and the new 2021, you will be better at saving some time for your partner. You will give love the importance it really has in your life. You’ve had enough with replacing your family time with other obligations!

If you’re single, you will stop putting off your love life. You will go back to dating and you will be willing to find someone who makes you happy every morning – which is a sensation you’ve almost forgotten by now. Some natives will feel a special connection with someone who will have to go somewhere else – because of work or family issues.

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You’re ready for action this week! Your sixth sense tells you it’s time you cause some changes in your life thanks to your efforts and your achievements. You will get your best weapons and will start walking to success!

Similarly, those who are unemployed will start looking for a proper job. January tends to be a bad month to find a job but there are always exceptions and you must be one of them!

Generally speaking, you can expect very positive days but you shouldn’t be careless now. Money only comes to you through work so don’t think that you can grow your wealth if you don’t do anything about it!


Make sure you preserve your personal essence. That touch of sophistication makes you different from the rest. Don’t be afraid of standing out in the crowd – always with humility, of course – and do your best to be more authentic.

You will find new ways of satiating your appetite in a balanced way. However, these days you won’t be that interested in sports.

Some natives will feel discomfort – or suffer from a condition – related to their auditory system. This could affect your balance so be careful!

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