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Weekly Horoscope for Virgo for 25 April - 1 May, 2022

Virgo, standing out isn't always the best option


Virgo, your Weekly Horoscope predicts some tensions in the area of love these days. This means that you need to remain calm in the face of provocations or any conflict which could create hostilities. Before giving in to your impulses, stop and think about the purpose of confronting friends or family.

You can't maintain harmony permanently but you should always try to keep the peace. Don't start an argument that could end up hurting you and the ones you love the most.


The Weekly Horoscope for Virgo knows that sharing what you have is much more rewarding than it seems. Remember that in the past you received financial help when you needed it. Perhaps the time has come to return the favour.

When certain changes start to impact the economy it's important to find support in each other. Do whatever is in your hands to help those around you. 


Your Horoscope predicts that this week you should watch your back at work. If you perceive a strange aura from certain colleagues, you're probably right. It's possible that some colleagues will try to boycott you and sabotage your projects.

Get involved in your work as much as you need and try not to stand out too much if you don't want to become the focus of attention. Unfortunately, not everyone shares your honesty, Virgo.


Virgo, you could spend the next few days keeping a close eye on your health. Even if nothing serious happens, you need to adopt good habits as soon as possible. You don't need to recover from a physical problem but it will help you prevent any discomfort.

You should try to look after your own well-being in general. Don't hesitate to ask a professional if you need any kind of guidance. Whatever you do for your health will be welcome.

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