Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 August 2020: You need to be more passionate

Make an appointment with a stylist and offer the world your best look. You deserve to look amazing


Single Virgo, you won’t be that happy with your situation: you will complain and whine all the time. What you really need to do is stop pitying yourself and start doing your best in order to find someone. Give in to the circumstances for once, Virgo.

Make an appointment with a stylist and offer the world your best look. This way, when you finally meet the person of your dreams, you will be ready to jump on that train! Once you find the right person you will forget about any problem of the past.

If you’re in a relationship, you will have to try to be more passionate. If you have children or elder relatives living with you, you will feel like you’ve lost all intimacy. How about planning a romantic getaway? It could be a surprise for your spouse.

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You will have a special gift if you’re working in the area of arts or spectacle. You will have a natural talent and everybody will appreciate your intelligence and boldness. But this shouldn’t make you feel superior to anyone.

You aren’t really aware of how your laziness and apathy could be preventing you from making money, are you? How long have you been without looking for a better phone company? Have you recently bargained the price of your car insurance? Do you even know how much does your bank charge you?

Take action, Virgo. Don’t let others keep what belongs to you. There are plenty of better options that could benefit your economy.

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You don’t feel very strong these days. Listen to your body if it’s asking you to stop and recover some energy.

This will be a fantastic week to give up any type of addiction or harmful habit. Whether it’s cigarettes or too much screen time, choose a negative habit and ditch it.

Remember that you can enjoy everything in life as long as you do it with moderation. You can visit the casino with some friends one day, or you can meet and have some wine together. You just need to measure the frequency and intensity.