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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 22 - 28 February 2021: Enjoy your love life without bragging about it

When you're at work, try to focus all your energy on a few specific objectives


The current astral atmosphere predicts a wonderful week for the love life of Virgo. This will be particularly true if you are receptive but this shouldn't be a problem because it's the natural reaction in you.

Your married life will be more positive than usual. You will be able to plan new common projects and you will feel like spending an intimate night full of passion in your bedroom. You will spend many happy moments with your partner and you won't feel the urge of bragging about it – even if you tend to share everything on social networks.

If you're single, you will spend some happy moments and will enjoy a memorable reunion. You will question everything you used to believe about yourself and you will feel like repeating something that didn't work exactly well in the past. Make sure you think about it carefully before you act.

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You won't have any important problem at work. Actually, if your inbox or your phone tends to be very busy with people sending you messages and work to do, this week you will feel that people aren't bothering you that much. You will make the most of your schedule and will have plenty of time to work on certain issues.

Try to handle the problems at work in the best possible way. This way, you will avoid taking these problems at home. Don't trust that everything will work well magically because the Stars haven't predicted any stroke of luck for the natives of Virgo this week. You will have to work for your objectives!

Try to focus all your energy on a few specific objectives in order to get the best benefit of your efforts. Stay tuned to the last news and don't get too distracted because you could start making the first steps to an important promotion.


The Stars of the Horoscope predict a lot of activity this week. You will have to be very strategic with the free time you have these days. Some natives will have an unexpected event such as moving homes or travel for family reasons.

You don't like temperature changes and won't enjoy the usual weather of this time of the year, Virgo.

It's cold outside and that's why now it's particularly important that you don't skip your warm-up and stretches before you do exercise. Warming up your muscles will prevent you from suffering any injuries or discomfort.

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