Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 September 2020: You need new habits in your life

Are you brave enough to propose to your partner in a spectacular way they can't forget?


The presence of Venus in your sky will favour your love projects this week. You will be able to stay away from anybody who comes to you with unclear intentions. Nobody will be able to trick you!

If you’re getting to know someone, let them know that you want them to be completely honest. Ask them not to tell you only what you want to hear; you want to know the true person in front of you. Honesty is too important in a relationship. After all, you’re always on time to get that shield that turns you into an ordinary person.

Your charm will play in your favour and you will be able to enjoy great moments with your partner  – if you have one. You will look back and you’ll be happy about the story you’ve created together. You will consider moving a step forward in your relationship. If you’re not married yet, have you thought about proposing to your partner? Do it in a way that they will never forget!

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Your professional life will be pretty satisfactory and you won’t have many occasions to improvise. You will be able to restructure your accounts – or at least part of them. Your mental alertness is really powerful this week, especially if you work in tourism.

Your expenses will be easily balanced with the money you’ll receive. You could even receive the surprise of unexpected income. You feel protected and this will give you more confidence.

Don’t be embarrassed to claim what’s yours. If you’ve lent money or something expensive to a friend or relative, maybe it’s time they give it back to you.

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You need new habits in your life, new directions, something that helps you keep your mind busy.

Does your job give you plenty of free time? Do you have enough money? Virgo, maybe you can consider adopting a pet. Having an animal at home can be the company you’ve always needed and you will be doing a double good deed: you’ll be saving the life of an animal in the shelter, and you will be leaving room in the shelter so that they can rescue a new animal in need.

Watch your arms and legs this week, you could have problems there. Also, try to stop drinking alcohol for a while. When you’re thirsty your body is asking for nothing but water. Do yourself a favour and give your body what it needs.