The Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 June 2021: You're an artist when it comes to improvising

This is a time of expansion and you're constantly looking for your true potential

❤️ Love

This month of June is coming to an end, Virgo. You can't believe how fast the last few weeks have flown by. In a way, that's a good thing because it means that you haven't had your feet on the ground. That's because your heart was too busy giving and receiving love.

You know that the love project you have put so much effort into is finally about to show you results. This encourages you to keep working hard to make things happen. What looked like a small plant is growing into a full-blown tree.

If you're a single Virgo, the Magic Horoscope's advice is to be careful with appearances. What looks like a strong conquest can be blown away as easily as a child blows a soap bubble. The best is yet to come into your life but it may not be with the person you are thinking of now.

💰 Money

When it comes to your professional life, you are a very tenacious sign. You know how to defend your interests. This week, you will be a warrior and you won't allow anyone to take you for a fool – because you are not. You know how to find a perfect balance between confidence and caution.

Professionally, you like to move forward on familiar ground.  Perhaps you will discover by chance a vocation that was lying dormant in your heart. Improvisation is an art and in this sense, you are a true artist.

The most informal professional encounters will help you to strengthen relationships and forge new alliances. Don't stay at home and go out to dinner with colleagues.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Your ambitious health projects take on a new meaning this week. The critical spirit the Stars give you will help you detect your own weak points. You feel you are in a period of expansion in which the search for your potential is a constant.

Don't fill your agenda with tasks. As you already know, you will be good at improvising and your body will be ready for the occasion. When you have free time, try to rest, drink herbal teas to purify your body, and read to nourish your grey matter.


👍 Tip of the week

Your spontaneity will be shared by a new partner

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this week are:  1, 6, 27 and 29.

🤝 Compatibilities

This week's compatibilities for Virgo are:

Leo and Aquarius in Love

Sagittarius and Capricorn in Friendship

Taurus and Aries at Work

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