The Virgo sign in blue with a starry sky background

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 21 - 27 December 2020: You will have an answer for your doubts about love

Your life is calm and quiet but you know that you can spice it up whenever you want to without much effort


Your love life is quiet right now but you know that you only need a little effort to spice it up, Virgo. The Stars will renew your sensuality and you will be able to break any cold wall between you and your partner.

If you’ve been married for a long time, you will decide to take a risk and clear your doubts. Sometimes you’re not sure whether your partner loves you and you love them, or you’ve just become too comfortable with each other and you’re nothing else but two people living together.

Any effort you make in order to keep the fire alive will be welcome. Your sixth sense will let you avoid certain sentimental traps that might be interpreted as emotional blackmail.

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You don’t feel like arguing at all at work. That’s why you will become obedient – and even submissive. You will fulfill your obligations quietly and you won’t even speak up if there’s an injustice regarding the hours you have worked or your salary.

You will choose to work on your inner self and once you feel comfortable, then your fiercest side will come to light. Then is when you will deal with anybody who has made you feel inferior.

You will be very good at purchasing expensive items. You should avoid going shopping when you’re in an extremely good or bad mood because any excuse will suffice to use your credit card!


You need to reduce the number of activities you do every day: you’re accumulating tension and you will start feeling it on your back or neck. Virgo, it won’t be a surprise if you feel particularly stiff at some point.

It’s alright if you have some free time – free time doesn’t mean wasted time! Otherwise, you will end up forgetting to do the things you enjoy just to do the things that make others happy.

Art will be very useful in your life if you have a creative talent because it will allow you to channel your stress. If you’re not creative these days, you can choose to read books or watch films; they will send you the keys to the things that you need to change. 

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