Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 19 - 25 October 2020: Plan every move very carefully

Virgo, you need to remember the importance of leaving your past behind


You really want to call the attention today. You want to be seen by everyone, especially if you’re a single Virgo. If you’re taken, you will fall again for your partner and you will be able to keep the flame of love alive.

Plan every step you’re about to make – no matter if it’s forwards or backward. This includes those Virgos whose love story doesn’t make them happy. Analyse your ambitions and how important they are in your life. Maybe you should become a little bit more humble, Virgo.

If you have an argument at home, it might seem the end of the world to you but it’s not all lost. You need to remember the importance of leaving your past behind. Because of this, you could be making decisions you don’t always agree with. You will finally feel completely free.

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Your career isn’t well defined these days. Your professional future isn’t easy to predict but you can be sure that you will stay away from routine this time. You will look for new adventures and you will recover old projects.

Some natives will feel a little bit lost when they find out that their job doesn’t fulfill them as it should. In this case, try to find out your true passion. Did you choose your career and studies because you really liked them or that’s what you were supposed to do?

It will be a good week to tell your family about some changes regarding your finances that you have been keeping silent.

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Put off any events that can imply excess stress for you or going somewhere far from your home. The Stars recommend you choose your comfort zone this time.

Try to plan a quiet week without any changes. You will soon start feeling much better and you will be able to avoid having negative thoughts in your mind.

Stop being sedentary! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last went to a gym. You know it’s never too late to do it again. The monitors there will help you know which the best activities are for your age and physical state.