Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 November 2020: Love will be out of your comfort zone

Improve and update your abilities because your field is full of well-prepared younger people


Your married life will be calm and quiet thanks to Mercury – Virgo's ruling planet. Its movement will bring you joy and happiness.

Your relationships with your partner will be full of complicity but you won't stop having moments of passion too. The home of some Virgos will receive the news of a pregnancy or adoption. However, not everything will be easy: there will be some setback that you will be able to overcome as long as you give in to your partner's desires.

If you're single, love seems to be away of your comfort zone. This means that those natives who are travelling will meet someone very interesting who will seduce them. This person will show you a new way of seeing the world. Love can be at the end of this trip.

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You will have to upgrade your skills if you want to improve your situation at work. Younger people with great preparation are reaady to start working in your field. This is your current concern and there isn't a single day when you stop thinking about it. 

You will be restless thinking about real estate. This could interfere in your ability to focus today and you won't be as productive as you wanted.

You will have great expenses – some of them will be really unexpected and could be connected to your car or appliances at home. However, your good mood will prevail all the time and you will be able to do the maths so that it doesn't affect your economy.

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At some point during the week you will feel like being just by yourself. But don't forget that we're social animals, Virgo, and our nature is going out and making new friends. Actually, it is healing for the soul.

Some natives will consider joining a sports club so that they can exercise a little bit – and you will be able to discover curious activities! Other natives will choose to do charitable work by collaborating with a charity or helping out in your neighbourhood.

If you're a very shy Virgo, you will have to find new paths to explore and get over your fear of the unknown.