Virgo Weekly Horoscope on a universe background

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 February 2021: You can expect your most optimistic predictions to come true

You're doing a terrific job with your self-esteem so please continue working on it


You're doing a terrific job with your self-love so please continue working on it, Virgo. It may have flow variations sometimes and you shouldn't feel guilty if things around you don't work as they should. Just feel responsible for the part you're truly responsible for.

You will feel the centre of everyone's attention these following days. You could feel a bit overwhelmed at first but you will end up enjoying such protagonism – and you may even try hard not to lose it!

You can say you're in a good mood. You won't be as selfish as you used to and you will listen to your partner or children whenever they tell you their needs or dreams. Don't ask for too many explanations and let others tell you the things they feel they need to tell. Give others some more freedom.

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Your optimistic predictions are coming true slow but steady. The good news you will receive will come slowly but will leave a very good aftertaste.

You're motivated to deal with the problems you had been leaving for another moment – maybe you hoped that they would solve by themselves. You're hard-working and have a very positive mindset, and you will benefit from a new point of view. This week, your priority will be paying off debts.

You're surrounded by intelligent, cautious people who are willing to guide you in life. Remember that in the future you should return all the favours you're receiving right now – ideally when the other people need it the most.


You will have to make an extra effort not to give in to bad habits. Certain friends can take you to the dark side of life and you will have to invite them to respect you or leave you forever.

You will be interested in knowing new alternative ways of healing from different cultures and countries. There are very interesting things you can learn as long as you don't forget your common sense and the recommendations of your current trusted doctor.

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