The Virgo sign circled by shooting stars

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 December 2020: You're not perfect and don't need to try to be

A professional conflict that has affected you for long will finally be solved


You will experience some conflict at home at some point, Virgo. You are a little bit grumpy and the little defects from your partner that you didn’t really care about seem to annoy you lately. You will have to analyse your relationship in order to find out what has changed in your heart.

Are you thinking about someone else who isn’t your partner? Is there anybody who makes you feel excited about love again? You need to control your bad mood and try not to hurt your partner with your aggressive language. It’s not their fault if you’re a bit confused these days.

Single Virgo, you need to stop looking at the old wounds you made yourself in the past – yes, that time when you  made the wrong decisions. You need to start controlling yourself: be more humble and forgive yourself. You’re not perfect so you don’t need to blame yourself for all your mistakes.

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Communication and a good attitude at work will help you find a solution to a conflict that has existed for a while. You will finally find a middle ground that will satisfy all the parts that are involved.

You want to carry out some personal changes these days. Some Virgos will start looking for a new house because they want to move. Other natives will apply for a job in a different city or country because they need a change.

You will have to be very careful with your expenses, though. Family reunions and events with friends will make you go out and spend your free time on activities that aren’t exactly free. You need to start picking up new spending habits because sometimes you live to the limit – and sometimes even beyond your means!


You’re feeling melancholic these days. You miss someone who was really important in your life. You regret having ended certain friendships because of some reason that wasn’t that important after all.

There’s something you’ve been eating that doesn’t make you feel well. Your digestion is more difficult so you will have to make an effort and find the source of this problem.

Try to drink less stimulating drinks than usual and choose to drink as much mineral water as you can.

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