Virgo Horoscope Weekly 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 October 2020: You feel free to love

The most beautiful thing about love is being able to share it with others


You feel free to love this week, Virgo. You’ve finally been able to forget something that made you feel guilty. You understand that having a secret affair won’t be of any help because the most beautiful thing about love is being able to share it with others.

Many natives will choose to introduce their new partner to their family or children – don’t worry if you’ve been through a divorce recently. This will be easier than you imagined in your mind.

Single Virgo, you will feel again the butterflies in your stomach. You will be really charming and you’ll feel capable of seducing that special person you can’t stop thinking about. You can get your old illusion back so don’t be afraid of someone breaking your heart. Why would anything go wrong, Virgo?

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There are important decisions to be made today so make sure you think carefully before choosing what the best direction is. You know that some mistakes can have terrible consequences in this life and some of them are impossible to correct.

A lot of people around you will give you their opinion – some with more objectivity than others. However, if you decide to listen to each and all of them, you will end up really confused. You’d rather be choosier and think well before rushing into any decision.

You know that working from home has become very usual nowadays. In this sense, you will find yourself in certain situations that you hadn’t been able to plan beforehand. You will have to develop your sense of improvisation.

Your financial situation shouldn’t give you any problem as long as you don’t waste your savings. Don’t let this consumerism spirit drag you down again.

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Your health will improve, yes, but you definitely need to continue looking after yourself. Remember that if you don’t love you, nobody else will.

Some natives of Virgo could have to face stress or anxiety issues. You will then have to remember that the problems of the world can’t be solved by visiting the fridge or your pantry.

You will enjoy any activity that gets you in a good mood and amuses you. You can consider laughter therapy for example. You will totally enjoy its benefits.