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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021: You will feel new love energies

You always embrace novelty and enjoy changes with a smile on your face


You feel a new wave of love energy inside of you, Virgo. You embrace novelty and changes with a smile that will infect everybody who is lucky enough to be around you. Virgo, you will be the funniest sign of the Horoscope this week!

You will know how to control arguments with the family or your partner. You don't want any gestures or wrongful words to ruin the good environment. Your optimism is powerful but you need to try to keep your feet on the ground if you want everything to work fantastically.

Single Virgo, you are very sensual these days. You know how to play with your eyes and words, and this week will be full of irony and double entendres. You're willing to fall in love again – you're positive about it – but you know your heart and your love don't belong to anyone who doesn't deserve it.

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You will show everyone what you're capable of these days. Your persistence will impress those around you and you will become a role model for many.

Your projects are getting closer and you will be particularly good at getting great results with a tight budget. You are really creative but make sure your ambition matches your real skills.

Remember your contacts list and get in touch with those who work in the same field as you. You could collaborate if there's a good occasion. You need to attract fortune so make sure you're active and insisting.


You need to channel all the energy inside of you or you could become hyperactive and this tends to translate to insomnia. Some natives also need to check their blood pressure – especially if your tendency is high.

But you know how to improve your health, Virgo. You will learn how to look after yourself and you will listen to the advice you receive.

If you want to keep in shape or even lose some weight, don't expect a miracle. You already know that there's no such thing when it comes to health! It all boils down to eating well and controlling your appetite.

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