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Weekly Horoscope for Virgo for 11 - 17 April, 2022

Virgo, nourish your brain to achieve success


Virgo, your Weekly Horoscope predicts some days filled with joy and happiness in love. You'll feel a deep bond with your partner which will be enhanced by even the most casual situations. Not only will they reciprocate this feeling, but they'll also awaken in you the desire for a more formal commitment.

Your special light will make those around you want to get closer. Your magnetism will make you shine bright. Your friendly and carefree attitude will lead you to live a relaxed but energetic week.


The Weekly Horoscope sees this week as a very favourable moment to attend a lecture or find a course for entrepreneurs. You need a little more guidance when it comes to making decisions about business and money. 

Virgo, try to surround yourself with those who can give you the keys you need to prosper. Knowledge is always welcome and you should try to learn more about finances in order to become successful. Try to learn more about anything to do with business – you'll probably start investing in the future.


Your Weekly Prediction knows that patience will be your greatest ally these days. Projects are going slowly – but at least they're moving forward!

Hold on to this certainty and you'll prevent frustration and other negative emotions which you could feel these days. Don't worry, everything comes in its own time, Virgo.

Don't force any situation because you may not like the outcome. Let everything flow and stability will come again when you least expect it.


You should try to find more time to spend with your loved ones. Their company always helps your self-esteem and you know it.

Pick up the phone and arrange some plans with friends. They'll be happy to know that you still count on them. Don't be proud and remember that true love begins when we learn to love ourselves

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