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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020: Resentment won't help you

Remove the word "impossible" from your vocabulary and dare to try your best


If you have been struggling to keep your love life in balance, the universe will eventually reward your efforts. Paradise is around the corner, Virgo. Your sixth sense will lead you to the best possible paths.

You will become one of the most romantic signs – even if those around you perceive you as someone cold and distant. You won’t let anything make you sad and you will be indulging with other people’s flaws. After all, why would we choose to be resentful when we can love each other unconditionally?

By the middle of the week, single Virgos will particularly benefit from the energy of the Stars. You will choose to flirt but you will enjoy it more when someone attractive tries a move with you. You will feel like you are the protagonist of a romantic film and you will give in to the circumstances.

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You want the professional world to acknowledge your accomplishments. You will be very focused and will easily find new paths to explore. You don’t believe anything to be impossible so you will be extremely efficient.

Those Virgos who are team leaders, managers, or superiors, in general, will be the luckiest. Your voice will be heard, you will know how to deal with possible rebellions – get ready for them because they will happen –, and you will make decisions very confidently.

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You are very self-aware. You know that you matter even if you’re just a little person among the millions that inhabit this planet. You will become a fierce warrior and will fight for your social, environmental, or political ideals.

Obviously, you will have to manage very carefully the way you use your energy. Otherwise, you will be exhausted by the end of the week and you could consider giving up.

You can relax a little bit when eating this week. You can’t turn every lunch and dinner into a feast but you can definitely eat things you like without restrictions.