The Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 March 2021: Fill your schedule with dates!

You shouldn't overthink the things that don't go as you had first expected


It's a great moment for your self-esteem, Virgo. You know that loving yourself is the first step to be able to love your partner – or at least to find a good company for your adventures if you're single.

You will be very careful with your actions and there will be certain limits you won't cross. You want your partner to be happy but there's a limit to everything. Some natives will be at risk of loving themselves too much that they will forget about their partner! Maybe because they will go to the gym every day in order to look well instead of spending more time with their partner.

If you're single, it's time for you to take action. Check your contacts list and start filling your schedule with interesting dates. The Stars suggest you socialize. Don't stay at home: get to know the world and let the world get to know you too.

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You will feel great energy that will help you have a very easy week. You will be able to carry out all the obligations you have and even begin to work on new projects. Don't stay without doing anything and don't get stagnant, Virgo.

You will have to be flexible with your timetables. Don't take anything for granted and don't overthink it when things don't go as you had expected at first. If you commit a mistake, don't make your workmates pay for it. You need to control your temper.

As for your money, the Stars predict that you will be happy when you find something valuable you thought you had lost. It will be something pricey such as jewelry or an envelope with some savings in it.


You don't need to lie to yourself, Virgo: these won't be your best days. Be careful with your current behaviour this week because you will have to be strong in order not to go back to certain old and harmful habits.

Listen to your doctor and the treatments you've been recommended. Don't go to the internet or social networks when you're not feeling well: always visit a professional. And if you think you need help, don't buy medicine from any website that promises magical results such as pills that reduce your appetite or drugs that can make you lose weight quickly.

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