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Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 February 2021: You have a taste for expensive things

When it comes to love, you should fight against the stereotypes you used to believe in


Virgo, you won't trust easily these days. You've been told many times that things aren't as they seem and that's why you won't trust first impressions.

But this also means that you should fight the stereotypes you used to believe in.  Open your mind and see the world from different perspectives. Break with the prejudices and be someone happy who doesn't censor anybody because of their political or religious beliefs.

If you're married, you will wish you had a user's guide for love! Your partner might make some comments that you won't like much and it will be difficult for you to react naturally.

If you have children, your week will be very good. You can expect great news that will make you feel proud of the way you've raised your kids.

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New business relationships will be formed easily these days. If you've just started your own business, you will be particularly lucky. These following days you will meet people who can become a business partner or a patron.

Similarly, this first week of February, you will be able to get back in contact with an ex-colleague or classmate who is in a very good position right now. Remember that having friends and contacts will be very important in life.

Regarding your finances, the Stars invite you to be cautious. You don't usually have many whims but when you do, they are expensive. You really have a taste for pricey things!


You won't be the most dynamic sign in the Horoscope but you're pretty energetic! Smile because you can say that your health is very good these days.

Play with your schedule and don't commit to too many things. As you've been told before, you don't usually trust others and this can also affect your life at home: you take too many responsibilities at home. Stop this hectic rhythm because you don't want your immune system to suffer the effects of stress.

Your stomach will be the most sensitive part of your body. Forget about abundant meals and don't forget to bring a digestive with you if you're eating out.

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