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Virgo's Personality Traits

Discover the most perfectionist, methodical and self-demanding sign of the twelve horoscopes of the Zodiac.

Sometimes this sign is represented as a pure, beautiful and distant creature. There is some of that in the essence of this sign, but they are only some features of what the personality of Virgo can actually become. It isn't that someone is too complex to follow or understand,  it's rather a matter of knowing certain emblematic aspects of their essence and having them very clear because it's part of this sign and their behaviours are related to all of this.

So if you want to have a more complete idea of what Virgo is like, we tell you some clues to understand their way of being.

Virgo traits: 5 peculiarities of this sign

Discover the most perfectionist sign of the entire Zodiac.

1. Perfectionism

Perhaps among the most known personality traits of Virgo is perfectionism. Whatever task they perform, but mainly when they are really passionate about what they have in hand, they strive to achieve a result superior to the average, because they are governed by their motto "if we have to do it, we do it well".

It's a sign that strives consciously to ensure that the final result of everything that they do is optimal, pursuing excellence whenever possible because they have the feeling that if it's not perfect, it won't achieve the same level of approval than any other person. And that has a lot to do with another of Virgo's characteristics, which is  their personal insecurity that makes them think of themselves that they aren't a person as valid as any other when that isn't true.

2. Critical sense

In the same way that they are quite hard with themselves sometimes, they also tend to be hard with others, but the underlying reason behind that attitude isn't because they have a negative spirit with which they try to throw everything everyone does on the ground, but it's due to one of Virgo's most emblematic characteristics, their critical sense with which they look at everything.

In their way of understanding life, they don't contemplate taking any step without asking themselves the question "how could I improve it?", and that is their own obsession with trying to detect the weak points of everything that has to do with them, to get better, just as they constantly do. The problem is that sometimes this facet of the personality of Virgo conditions the welfare around them because not everyone is prepared to accept their constant criticism.

3. Methodical planners

"To get somewhere, you can't leave things to improvisation," it could be the slogan that defines what Virgo is like in this sense. And indeed,  they aren't in favor of leaving anything to chance, or just improvising. They need to have everything perfectly organized, always leaving everything well tied.

That is why they are so good at planning because they have a really scrupulous exactitude that they put at the disposal of everything that their methodical mentality requires. Something very typical of the personality of Virgo.

4. Determined

As a good sign of earth, perseverance and tenacity are two of the characteristics of Virgo, although they are also two of their great virtues.  Where others give up this sign resists, and they don't let fatigue, discouragement, or the lack of external support wear them down.

Knowing what Virgo is like, if they want something, they will go for it and get it. Nothing like having clearly set a goal to be guided to it.

5. Cold in appearance

There are many people who think they look cold and distant to the natives of this sign when they really are tenderness to discover. As it happens to their earth-element brothers,  they will also be given to protect themselves with a shield that prevents others from harming them.  That is why sometimes they are less attached to their personal relationships than other signs.

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