Virgo Horoscope September

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for September 2020: Be patient with your friends

Little by little, you will realize that you need to stand up for your personal projects

Love: You fantasize about a brief adventure

Venus will affect your sentimental stability. You will feel a bit lost at some points because your reality won’t agree with what your heart desires. Some Virgos who seemingly enjoy a happy marriage will fantasize about having a brief affair with no continuity. This will be your secret, of course.

Little by little, you will realize that you need to stand up for your personal projects. You will choose to avoid frivolous, brief encounters that offer much to lose and nothing to win.

If you’re single, your heart is begging to find someone with whom you can have a serious and stable relationship. Be patient with your friends and always count to ten before giving your opinion  in arguments that could become too heated.

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Money: It’s a month of financial relief

The ninth month of the year begins with a certain stability and powerful prosperity. The planets will boost your strategic thinking and you will know what moves can lead you to your objectives. You will prefer little but certain movements and you will claim your success.

However, the relationship with some workmates won’t be very positive this month. Jealousy and envy will be the poison that affects this relationship but your instinct will let you know how to find a permanent solution to this problem.

Extremes won’t be good in terms of finances: try not to be too mean or too generous. Your family and friends will definitely have an opinion about the way you spend your money. But they won’t really know the absolute truth – even if you may believe otherwise.

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Health: Control the quality of your sleep

Controlling the quality of your sleep is essential in order to control your health problems. If you feel tired, any problem or pain you may suffer from will feel worse than it actually is.

If you start going to sleep at the same time every evening, you will be able to work productively for longer hours and enjoy more time with your family.

You will channel your interests through a new hobby  or pastime that will help you strengthen both your mind and body. Try to be in contact with nature whenever you can. What do you prefer, the coast or the countryside?