Virgo Horoscope October

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for October 2020: You want to get back that illusion you had as a teenager

This month you will breathe with more freedom and you will know what types of connection you’re looking for in a romance

Love: You can expect some weeks of seduction and complicity

You wish you could fall in love like a teenager again, Virgo. And actually, this month you will feel that you can breathe with more freedom and you will be aware of the types of connection you’re looking for in a romance. Find the freedom you need so that you can get what your heart craves.

The area of love and romantic relationship will be full of positive energy and you will enjoy some weeks of charm, seduction, warmth, and complicity.

If you have children, you will have to think of new ideas to spend more time alone with your partner. It’s been long since you could enjoy a romantic dinner with candles, right?

Those Virgos who are single will enjoy some romanticism with the person they like. You like being in love. The butterflies in your stomach and the illusion you feel for that person is what you were looking for. You will enjoy your dates these days but this story isn’t very likely to last in time.

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Money: You will experience surprises and setbacks

The Stars will let you meet some lovely professional objectives. You will have to make important decisions and you shouldn’t commit any mistake in this aspect.

Of course, some days will be more difficult than others and you can expect some moments of confusion when you will lose your temper. An unfortunate action could cause an important mistake or even an occupational accident.

Those natives who are working from home can expect surprises and setbacks but nothing will affect your illusion for your job.

Your financial life shouldn’t be a problem – as long as you don’t spend more money than you can afford. Some people around you have a very expensive lifestyle and could make you have unrealistic expectations about what you should be doing. You could be a bit irrational at some point.

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Health: The fridge doesn’t have the answer to your problems

Your health will improve significantly although you won’t be optimal as to climb Mount Everest yet. Just keep looking after yourself so that this well-being becomes who you are.

Remember that life can get complicated sometimes but you won’t find the answer in your fridge and chocolate can’t solve your problems. You would be lying to yourself and the negative situation will continue unsolved.

Try your best to be optimistic and with a sense of humour. Your friends can help you relieve some stress so get together, talk about your problems, and you will find the advice and the support you need.