Virgo Horoscope July

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: You have new goals

You will stop being your own enemy and you will prove yourself you can be a great professional

Love: Everybody should have the same responsibilities

Some days you’re full of illusion and happiness. But this month of July your vision could be a bit darker. You will feel quite pessimistic this month and you will prefer to let time pass without paying too much attention to your love life.

Your partner will be very understanding and will listen to you. They will also help you try to be realistic and enjoy your present. Life passes really quickly and you’re adding more years, Virgo! If you’re single, it’s time you stop sitting on the sofa and start doing something. Get out and do something!

It could be a complicated month for Virgos’ families. You will feel you have lots of responsibilities and you don’t think you should assume them all. You want to expose this situation to your family and ask for everybody’s participation to make a change.

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Money: Control the saboteur in you

You will be able not to sabotage yourself this time. There’s nothing inside of you telling you’re not worth the success you’re achieving. You will stop being your own enemy and you will prove yourself you can be a great professional.

You will start seeing new opportunities in front of you and you will be applauded by people who are a great influence. You will feel proud of your own professional achievements.

Work a little bit more on your social media profiles. You’re projecting an image online so make sure you’re careful when expressing your religious and political views. Remember the social media is another tool for big companies to contact you.

Health: Leading a sedentary life isn’t healthy

If you’re a very sedentary Virgo you may suffer from back pain, especially if you spend lots of hours sitting in front of a computer. Maybe you work in an office or maybe you’re just passionate about videogames. Just move more.

Your allergies and your food intolerances will improve and you will be very happy with your weight-loss results!

Pay more attention to your legs. If you observe your first varicose veins are appearing, do some exercises that favour venous return such as lifting your legs against the wall.