The Virgo sign in white on a black starred background

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: You're thirsty for novelty and fun

You will get excited and optimistic after your eyes cross with someone else's

Love: You don't want to leave room for unhappiness

Your energy will renew this new month, Virgo. You're thirsty for novelty and fun and if you've had a fight with your partner recently, you will help their heart heal. After all, you don't want to leave room for unhappiness in your relationship. You will show your optimistic and party-loving side.

Some single natives will finally get excited again after their eyes cross with someone else's. You will believe in love again – especially if your last breakup was particularly painful.

If you're married, you will dream about changing your life. You want to change your routine and do something more dynamic. You will break the chains and fly high together with your other half – even if they might have difficulties keeping up with your pace at some point. If you're going through a crisis, you will be able to find solutions with dialogue and love.

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Money: Sensibility will attract success

This month you will surprise everyone by being tenacious with your business. You're able of doing business with very limited resources. Your creativity will make up for your tight budget.

Take advantage of every meeting you have and start working on your project. Maybe one of your contacts will offer to invest some money. If you don't have many meetings scheduled, pick up the phone and start attracting fortune.

Venus – the goddess of love – will boost your image through social media. Of course, don't project any attitude or ambition that doesn't correspond to reality. If you're sensible enough, success will come to you.

Health: Watch out for your circulation

Your private and professional life is quite hectic and your stamina can easily turn into hyperactivity. As a consequence, your blood circulation can suffer the consequences and your blood pressure could get higher. Start to look after yourself, Virgo.

If you need some advice to improve the blood flow on your legs, you can do some exercises from home. Pick up a glass bottle, place it on a towel, and make it roll with your feet. This will help your blood flow if you spend many hours standing at work.

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