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Virgo Monthly Horoscope for February 2021: Discover new cultures

Trips and excursions will help you free your mind from negative thoughts

Love: Control your self-esteem

Your self-esteem is growing more and more every day, Virgo. Maybe there will be a point this February when you will have to control it. Otherwise, you could end up thinking that only your opinion is valid in your household.

Your partner could have the unpleasant feeling that they have to give explanations for everything and this can be really exhausting. They don't need to explain to you every appointment they have in their diary or every action they make.

This kind of dynamic can become very toxic, Virgo, you've been warned. Don't let your ego stop those around you from wishing to spend time with you.

Single Virgo, you will go on a date with your lowest expectations and you could end up starting a long-lasting romance! Life has these things sometimes: it can give you beautiful surprises and challenge all your expectations.

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Money: Your problems won't get bigger

There won't be great news in your area of work. The problems you have right now will continue there but won't get any bigger.

Little by little, you will begin a favourable period to invest money but your intuition won't be the best when it comes to it. You'd better let someone with more experience and knowledge give you some advice. You will be luckier if you try to invest in companies that work with technology.

Ask for your money back if you lent something to a friend or relative. Don't be ashamed of claiming what's yours. You had to work hard to get it and now it's your turn to keep it!

Health: You will have a strong willpower

Your family and friends will support you and this will help you have strong willpower. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid all the obstacles you could encounter this February. You will be particularly strict when trying to give up any medicines or substances you had started becoming addicted to.

However, dieting will be a different story. It will be a little bit more difficult. You don't need to get obsessed with your weight but you shouldn't start eating as if it's the end of the world. Find a balance and you won't need to worry.

Going on a trip will help you open your mind and get rid of the negative thoughts you may have. Being in touch with other cultures will enrich your inner self.

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