The Virgo zodiac sign with a starred background

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for December 2020: You will spice up your life!

You will become a submissive person at work who will obey orders without complaining

Love: Put the common good above individual right 

You are willing to provoke and spice up your love life, Virgo! The natives of your sign want to play sensual games with their partners and break the icy walls that have shielded your hearts lately.

If you’ve been married for a long time, you will wonder whether your partner sees you just like a friend or the lifelong partner you agreed to be when you both said: “I do”. 

If you feel like this, you will have to use your creativity and fight to make the flame of love keep burning. Be more generous and put the common good above your individual right.

Single Virgos will have to be careful with emotional traps. Some people have fun just by hunting hearts and they may want yours as a mere trophy. Stay alert!

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Money: Rise to the top and achieve success

You’ve become a very submissive person at work. You will follow orders without questioning or complaining. 

This will help you go on without being distracted by annoying thoughts. When you feel well with yourself, you will be able to let the warrior inside of you come out and fight to achieve success.

The Stars invite you not to go shopping if you’re angry or sad. You could let yourself get carried away and you could spend much more than you can actually afford. Remember that this December you have many expenses and commitments so try to be sensible when spending money.

Actually, if you learn how to bargain and deal with some shops, you could end up getting some interesting discounts!

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Health: Delegate some responsibilities

The more activities you make during your day-to-day the more stressed you get. Try to find more time for yourself this December. Be more relaxed and try to fill your schedule with more activities that allow you to rest  rather than keep you busy all the time.

Delegate some household responsibilities. Those around you love you a lot but the world can still function without you conducting everything!

Go to the cinema – alone or with a loved one – and get lost in the magic of the seventh art. Some films can help you lead a more wholesome life if you see yourself reflected in their protagonist.