Virgo Horoscope August

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for August 2020: There's nothing impossible in life

You will choose not to be sad or resentful and you will start loving yourself more

Love: Success is around the corner

This month you will finally achieve success in your relationships. You’ve been wishing for it so secretly that some people ignore it. Your intuition will tell you which way to go and at the end of your path, you will find the key to success.

Your efforts will make romanticism go the direction you want. You will choose not to be sad or resentful and you will love yourself more. Virgo, you are more important than any dispute form the past. This is the only way you can give in completely to someone else.

This August 2020 will be a good month for seduction. No matter if you’re single, just broke up with your ex, or you’ve just divorced. Your new self will emerge this month.

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Money: Your determination will be key this month

Your wish to be in the spotlight will make you focus on your job. You will find new ways to explore in order to grow. This August, all your objectives are around the corner as long as you fight with determination. The word “impossible” must disappear from your vocabulary right now.

Those Virgos who have to lead a team – even if it’s their first time – will be particularly successful this month. Don’t turn down any offer that involves great responsibility. It will be a very interesting and enriching professional experience.

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Health: You will find new reasons to fight

You think about many things all the time and you find new causes to fight for even if you’re not sure if you will be strong enough to deal with them.

You can indulge a little bit in order to combat your negative thoughts. You can eat out in your favourite restaurant today, or buy that item you’ve been dreaming of for so long. You totally deserve it.

Do some light exercise this month. You could end up with an injury if you take your body to the limit. This will be particularly true for those Virgos who practise sports that involve physical contact such as wrestling, rugby, and even football or basketball.