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Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, January 9, 2021: Make sensible use of the new technologies

You will be very obedient at work and you won't question any order you're given


The new technologies could take their toll on your love life, Virgo.  You could send romantic messages to the wrong person and create a confusing situation – and a funny one! Or maybe you will have an argument with your partner because they spend more time on the phone than with you.

New technologies favour communication among people and they can be very useful when used sensibly. Make sure you are responsible with them.

Single Virgo – especially if you're very shy – you could have a good conversation on the phone or computer. Of course, remember these conversations when you meet face to face and try to be as outgoing as you are online!

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You will be very obedient at work and you won't question any given order. But you need to know that if one of the orders you're given is wrong, you will have to be accountable for it.

You're thinking about the 2021 trips you will go on. Some will be for business but you're really willing to go for pleasure. So what are you doing? Why don't you start planning?

Start saving money now that January has just started. You can start checking for flights and accommodations that suit your budget. Of course, take into account the current sanitary situation in the world when planning.


You can relax today because nothing will affect your health. You will be your only hazard – if any – if you carry out activities that may be considered risky.

You're a little bit nervous and this could make you feel overwhelmed in situations that should be normal to you. You need to try and be in peace today by waking up and going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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