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Virgo Horoscope - Friday, April 9, 2021: An old romance will reappear in your life

Everything is happy and stable and yet you have the feeling that there's something wrong


Everything seems stable and happy in your love life, Virgo. However, you will find something's wrong if you dig deep inside. You feel there's a piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit correctly but you still can't say which or why.

Maybe it's just yourself trying to sabotage your story. Why can't you let yourself shine? Stop thinking that you don't deserve this happiness because you're worth more than you might believe.

Single Virgo, you will receive news from an old romance. There used to be hot sparks between you two and the flame could burn again now that the weekend is coming. The attraction you felt for this person is still alive.


You won't be able to have everything in your job under control. You will have to delegate certain responsibilities – even if you don't really want to do it. Virgo, trust the people around you because even if you haven't noticed they might be more valuable than you can imagine.

Congratulate your workmates when they do a good job and be generous when giving advice. Remember that nobody is born an expert.

You will spend some savings because of an unexpected expense. It will probably be connected to reparation or new furniture at your home. Luckily, you will recover soon as long as you're sensible and don't splurge.


You enjoy good food and drinks but you shouldn't eat with your eyes. You will not be very good at controlling your portions today and some natives could even suffer from a stomach ache.

Why don't you make an appointment with your doctor and get some analysis done? Check-ups are always a good idea.

Your weakness today will be your legs. Be particularly careful if you have blood circulation problems or you have to spend many working hours standing.

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