Virgo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, July 8, 2020: You have a permanent smile

You may want to start moving more so walk instead of driving and always choose to climb the stairs


You are in a very good mood today but this can create some confusion. Some might see your kindness and confuse it with flirting. If you don’t want this to happen, you will have to be careful with your words.

A boring routine could jeopardise your relationship, Virgo. You need to be a bit more playful with your partner. The weekend is coming and you could plan a romantic getaway. Enjoy some time just the two of you.

Someone will give you good news regarding their love life. Get ready because you might be invited to a big event such as a wedding or a baptism. No matter the occasion, you will definitely feel very happy.

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You have a vocation that nobody knows because you feel a bit embarrassed to tell people about it. You’ve chosen to do the things others expect from you. However, don’t you realise you could be earning money while doing something you love? Let this aspect of your life come to the surface and become the best at it!

Some Virgos might consider changing jobs. This will involve moving to a different city or at least the possibility to travel around.

You’re enjoying a moment of great financial balance. You will be quite lucky when making decisions too. This means that your sixth sense will be very accurate today.


You’ve planned many leisure events but you will get tired during the day. Anyway, you didn’t think these plans were so interesting after all.

You’ve learned all sorts of excuses not to exercise – lack of time is one of your favourites. However, why don’t you try switching some of your habits for a healthier version? Try to stop using the lift and start climbing the stairs, or walking instead of driving places whenever you can.

When you’re in the kitchen, take some time to find and toss expired food from your fridge and pantry. Eating this food could make you have poor digestion – among others.