Virgo Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, February 8, 2021: You can indulge from time to time

Your partner has been particularly clingy lately and this might make you feel a bit overwhelmed


Your partner has been quite clingy lately and you've been in their mind all day, Virgo. You're their reason to be right now. While you liked this attitude at first, you may start to get tired of it soon – especially if you've just started your romance with that person.

You feel that you're losing your freedom and you've been acting almost as a parent instead of a lover. You don't like this situation at all. You could be a bit moody because of this and you will try to be more independent.

If you're single, your daily situation is about to change. If there is someone who is interested in you, this person will be the one who carries out this change.

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  • A new week starts today! Make sure you read your Weekly Horoscope!


You're not too demanding at work today, Virgo. This may put your position at risk.  Some natives can even receive a warning for having low productivity, missing the deadlines, or not sticking to their timetables.

As for your finances, you know you can indulge from time to time – you shouldn't be frugal all the time! Remember that if you aren't generous with yourself nobody will!

Soon you will find out that someone with whom you had a good professional relationship is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing who is saying bad things about you. But don't worry, everything will come to light soon.


Learn how to breathe, Virgo. You aren't really aware of how your nerves and the stress of your day-to-day prevent you from getting enough oxygen.

You can go for a walk in order to relax and whenever you can, choose a natural environment with fresh air such as a park or the beach. Move, relax your neck and your back, stretch your arms, and feel the freedom!

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