The sign of Virgo with a purple starred background

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, March 7, 2021: You will find a way out

You will be flexible with your finances and you will even be able to pick up a bargain


You've been thinking about independence very often lately, Virgo. This could be either because you've found out about your partner being disloyal or because you feel there's not enough passion in your relationship.

You feel like you're going through a period of negativity when it comes to your emotions. You're looking for something that you don't have right now but you find it difficult to know what it is. Maybe you want a challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone.

You should be a little bit more loving with your family because you're coming across as someone colder than you actually are. Don't let your loved ones have this image of you.

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You have some blockage situations at work. There are certain projects that have been paralyzed when you had expected them to work out easily. Don't panic. This is not a dead-end – you only need to keep calm and continue working on them consistently.

Talk to some workmates who work in the same field and tell them about your current problems. They will help you find a hidden path that you weren't able to see although you've had it in front of you all this time.

You will be pretty flexible with money and some natives will even be able to pick up a bargain – you'll be lucky to find a pricey item at a very good price. If you want to purchase anything online, make sure you use reliable sites.


You can expect a very quiet Sunday. If you've suffered an injury recently, you may not see the progress you had expected but you have to be patient. Things will evolve in their own rhythm so don't rush anything.

Be particularly careful with your hair and scalp health. If there are children in your home, remember that lice are a common problem that needs to be addressed immediately!

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