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Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, January 7, 2021: You want to carry out epic feats

You need to be more careful with your work: you aren't paying enough attention to detail


Virgo, your sign is often associated with containment, modesty, and even chastity. However, you will be pure fire today! You're willing to play your best cards when it comes to the game of love.

You will have great respect for the rules of your relationship but you will double your efforts to carry out epic feats that you will remember after a long time.

Find realistic objectives and don't forget your sensitivity. Watch out for your words so nobody can feel disrespected by what you tell them. This will be particularly important for those natives who are single: your words could make someone be too hopeful even if you still don't know if they're the right person for you.

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You need to be more careful at work. You don't pay enough attention to details and your mistakes can accumulate – or careless actions. One of your superiors could call your attention in public today in order to make you go back on track.

The road to excellence is hard but not impossible, Virgo. Who said that you're not meant to succeed? You can do much more than you've believed all your life!

If you're a native whose financial situation is a little bit weak, you will have to tighten your budget because you may receive some criticism from those around you. You will have to deal with your responsibilities and prove that you're making up for your mistakes.


You have difficulty staying asleep at night. Morpheus won't favour you at night. Make sure you eat well and you always have your sleep in mind. If you go to bed right after you eat, you will find it more difficult to fall asleep.

Similarly, stay away from the kitchen and don't raid your fridge if you feel like snacking at night. You'd rather have a relaxing valerian or chamomile infusion. You will sleep better and your waistline won't suffer the consequences!

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