Virgo Horoscope for Sunday

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, February 7, 2021: You will finally see things clearly

You will have to decide how to help a colleague who will ask you to lend them a hand today


Your week will end with you being able to see clearly in the affairs of the heart, Virgo. You will look at the person you love and you'll start seeing a lot of defects that will get on your nerves and maybe their attitude will seem offensive to you.

You will be able to judge – a bit harshly at some point – all the things that you can't tolerate at all. Maybe you've ignored these things because you don't want to argue. Don't think that you're more sensitive today: it's your objectivity that has finally awoken.

Some Virgos will take action and have a conversation with their partner. Some others will decide to wait out of fear of breaking the monotony or losing certain privileges.

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You could be a colleague's lifesaver today, Virgo. They will ask you to lend them a hand and you will have to decide whether you help them or you let them sink. There are only two things you shouldn't do at all: giving them advice or judging their actions.

Admit that you've been the worst of examples at many times in your career.

You will feel frustrated every time you think about your finances and you will freeze whenever you try to budget. Come on, Virgo, remember that this month is shorter than the others!


You need to listen to your doctor. Many time you go and complain about illnesses or discomforts but then you don't follow the recommended treatment.

You could feel nervous this Sunday and this might have an effect on the quality of your sleep. If you're thinking about having extra help, choose valerian infusions or pills or any other natural product. You should avoid sleeping tablets – especially your doctor hasn't prescribed them.

Try going to bed early and read a book – or study a little bit if you're a student. This will help you relax and fall asleep easily.

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