The Virgo sign

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, December 7, 2020: Get that off your chest, single Virgo

You will receive great advice that will help you get a decently balanced budget


You will have to be more discrete in your relationship, Virgo. Your other half is a little bit under the weather today and they could be particularly mean to you if you respond in a way that they don’t like – or if there’s any particular and important problem in your relationship.

There are moments when problems remain unsolved. No matter how hard you try to pretend that everything is fine. But you know that bad things happen everywhere every day, you can’t help it.

Single Virgo, you can’t take it anymore: there’s a problem you need to tackle right now. Maybe you want to end communication with an ex-partner or maybe you want to get rid of the shyness that prevents you from getting to know that special person. 

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Your sky has many positive impacts and you will have many opportunities to prosper and become wealthier – at least to stop worrying. You will receive good advice that will help you achieve a financial balance. Listen to those who show more experience and wisdom.

At the same time, you will have to control your urge to splurge. The spirit of Christmas is very powerful in you and you can’t stop thinking of all the presents you want to give your partner, children, or friends – not to mention the presents you want for yourself!

However, be sensible and refrain yourself a little bit. Wait until your bank account looks a little bit better before you start spending too much.


You won’t have any problem finding a balance between physical activity and diet today.

You’ve started taking things easy and you don’t expect immediate results anymore. You will eat more mindfully and slowly. This will help you savour your food and you will feel satiated earlier – and your digestion will improve as a result!

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