Virgo Horoscope Friday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, August 7, 2020: You will give more importance to your personal projects

Your radar will help you detect fake people and you will easily avoid and confuse them


Your radar helps you detect fake people. There’s someone around you that enjoys criticising your life and your every movement. However, you will be able to confuse this person until they get bored with your life.

Never stop doing what you please and don’t be afraid of what others may think. You have to be straightforward and natural, without shields. Remember that you don’t have any obligation to be a role model for anybody.

You won’t be particularly patient today. You won’t be too happy if your partner – or the person you’re trying to seduce – doesn’t answer your messages immediately. But try to put yourself in their situation for a moment. In this particular case, you know that their schedule is pretty tight and you didn’t really want to talk about anything important, anyway.

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Your personal projects have become very important to you. You will do what you can in order to create new ways. Some Virgos will consider entering a growing career that makes easy money, no matter if it’s totally unrelated to their vocation.

You’re a pretty smart sign and you will be able to use the opportunities that the universe gives you. You are very sharp and direct and you won’t hesitate about asking someone with great influence that they should count on you for their team.

Your efforts to save money will give you good results verysoon. You’re closer to your dream goals and to treat yourself.

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You can easily move on in your life. If your self-esteem has been damaged recently, you will feel satisfied with the image you see in the mirror today.

Your inner joy and your confidence are very strong. You will even help others enter your state of happiness. You won’t think of excuses when it’s time to workout and you will be willing to do some physical activity.

Control your jokes, though. Some comments about delicate issues might be considered a betrayal by some people.