Virgo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, September 6, 2020: Happiness is stronger than sadness

You can’t spend your time and your days with someone who doesn’t do you any good


You’ve been in the same love spiral for a long time now. Happiness is stronger than sadness or disappointment so you will take your time to enjoy the little day-to-day successes.

You have managed to get rid of certain negative ideas that were sabotaging you – no more thoughts saying that you don’t deserve the good things that happen to you! You will keep the ghosts of your past at bay and you will find the strength you need to leave some people behind – especially those who only look down on you.

This also means that if you’re in a toxic relationship, you will be able to finally put an end to this story. You have realized that time goes by very quickly and life is short. You can’t spend your time and your days with someone who doesn’t do you any good.

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This 6th of September will be a very good day for professional reunions, it doesn’t matter if they’re in a formal environment or you’re just having some drinks with your workmates. You will share experiences and interesting points of view. You will find out that you’re stronger than you believed.

Pay attention to the details you see. Sometimes, when talking to someone, silences say more than words.  Similarly, you will feel that curious professional allies are favoured today.

You will be very careful and strict with your finances – although you won’t be mean.

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The Stars don’t have any negative predictions for your health, Virgo. You won’t have to cancel any of your scheduled plans these days.

Actually, today will be a day of recovery. You will try traditional remedies in order to treat minor discomfort. Sometimes, chamomile tea is exactly what your upset stomach needs – instead of pills and drugs.

Want to keep in shape? Try going for a walk – or even a jog – before going to bed.

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