The Virgo sign surrounded by stars

Virgo Horoscope - Saturday, March 6, 2021: You will bring passion into your life

Remember to keep your feet on the ground and stop living from the successes of the past


A new breeze of passion will freshen your married life, Virgo. You will be more passionate than usual and you will make an effort to transmit this warmth to your partner. You will try your best to surprise them and share plenty of moments of pleasure.

You will be able to improvise and use your imagination in order to satisfy your own desires. You will take the lead and your partner won't have any problem following your pace.

If you're single or divorced, you will have brief meetings. Your emotional life will adapt to your lifestyle and you will prefer to give in to passion at night.

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You should avoid being surpassed by someone who is better organized than you. There are lots of wolves in sheep's clothing who will try to take advantage of your effort. Your sixth sense won't be particularly useful today  so you will have to trust objective evidence.

The Stars ask you to be cautious – but you don't have to be defensive all the time. Just make sure you're ready to dodge those with bad intentions. Similarly, make sure you are disciplined at work because this will be the true key to success.

Last but not least, always keep your feet on the ground. Your current image – especially your digital footprint – is the one that really counts so stop living from the success of the past.


Stress can affect your focus but also your appearance. If you don't know how to channel this frustration you could end up tensing your muscles and this can lead to you feeling neck pain or tired arms. You don't need to spend the weekend in a spa in order to relax. Something like a simple massage on the head will be enough to help you calm down.

Try to fill this Saturday with peaceful experiences so that you can do anything you like. Of course, eating well will be the perfect addition to a day of self-care.

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