The sign of Virgo in half a purple circle

Virgo Horoscope - Wednesday, January 6, 2021: You're afraid of appearing vulnerable

Your day-to-day problems will become something secondary and won't bother you


You feel moderate passion, Virgo. You love your partner but don't seem to follow their lead when it comes to love. You don't feel like being in bed but your partner won't understand it easily. You can expect a lot of dialogue today – and some silence too.

If you're single, you won't have much activity in the bedroom either. It's one of these days when you prefer to be alone.

Your attitude today will be typical for a Virgo like you. Your modesty will repress your spontaneity and you won't easily give in to pleasure – maybe because you don't want anybody to see your vulnerability.

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You'll look back at the dreams you used to have as a child and will see that many have come true. However, you've forgotten some others with time.

It's time you recover your old hopes! Set ambitious goals in your life that turn you into a fierce Virgo who is willing to fight and reach them. Let your old dreams matter again.

You can consider education as a way to make more money. Maybe you can become a tutor and teach your area of expertise.


Your life will be full of harmony and you will have plenty of energy. You will be able to carry out the tasks you tend to postpone ut of laziness. Maybe you have to rearrange your furniture or even move homes.

Your day-to-day problems won't be a concern today. You won't be bothered by things that don't have a solution.

Some Virgos will change their lifestyle. You will carry out easy and positive activities. As an example, observe the lives of those around you who are in the same situation as you.

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