Virgo Horoscope Monday 2020

Virgo Horoscope - Monday, October 5, 2020: Try to get through your day without lying

Avoid arguments at work and prioritize your peace of mind: you don’t need negativity in your life


Virgo, you can’t cheat or play tricks if you really want to enjoy your love life. There’s no shortcut you can use. Otherwise, your happiness will be a fake mirage without flavour.

Try to do things better. For example, you can try to get through your Monday without telling a single lie – not even white ones! Say things just as they come even if you think this can be uncomfortable for your partner.

Of course, you don’t need to fake interests just to get closer to that person – this goes for you, single Virgo! You shouldn’t pretend you have a different reality because this could create an unstable basis for your hypothetical future relationship.


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Avoid arguments at work today, even if you feel that you need to say something in order to protect your dignity. Try to begin the week with peace and positivity and don’t argue things with anybody, even if you don’t agree with them. It will be the healthiest thing you can do for your peace of mind.

You will have to spend some time checking your next purchases: admit that you wanted to buy unnecessary things and expensive ready-made food. Come on! You can make it at home – it’s not very difficult and you know it will be much cheaper!

Try to be direct and buy staples. And don’t go shopping with an empty stomach! Otherwise, you will be unable to control your gluttony!

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You will be very sensitive to noise pollution. You won’t tolerate noises very well because they’re something you can’t control. Some Virgos can even experience a headache at the end of the day.

Try to find some help to fall asleep tonight but try not to use medicine or drugs. After a quick search online you will be able to learn about guided meditation and you can even download some guides.

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