The sign of Virgo with a black starred background

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, March 5, 2021: You should be more self-critical

You're so afraid of talking about delicate issues that you don't dare to break the ice with the person you like


Virgo, you will decide to start loving yourself a little bit more. You won't become a selfish person and only considers your own needs but you will stop prioritizing others. Sometimes you've felt that nobody cares about you and your interest.

You know that in order to truly love someone you need to start loving yourself first. This is the only way you'll be able to open your heart in a completely honest way.

Single Virgo, you should be a little bit braver. You can't seem to be able to break the ice with the person you like because you're afraid of talking about certain delicate issues or cross certain lines – which most of the time are only in your mind.

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This week hasn't been as busy as it can get, Virgo. You are satisfied with the work you've done and you start thinking about future projects. However, you should finish the projects you're currently working on before starting anything new.

You're willing to do many things and you don't want to stay quiet without doing anything. But you need to measure your energy levels because you could end up planning and doing more than your body can do. Don't get too tired at the end of the day!

The Stars have important advice for you: control your frustration levels. If things don't work as you had expected, don't blame the person who deserves it the least. Be self-critical and you'll be much more productive.


You can easily give in to temptation, Virgo. You like to enjoy ephemeral pleasures without thinking of the consequences they might have on your health  in the long run.

However, you should stick to the treatment your doctor has recommended – don't think that you know more than them. Forget about the magical products you see on the Internet. They might promise incredible things but more often than not, they won't have the desired effect – and can even cause you allergic reactions!

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