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Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Stay away from toxic people

You may be afraid of being alone but you won't let this control your life


The day may become a little bit difficult for those Virgos who are afraid of being alone. You don't know how to control this situation but you won't let it control your life.

If you need some advice: don't seclude yourself. If you open the door, you will find yourself surrounded by loyal and honest people. Actually, there aren't many times when you will be accompanied by many loyal people.

You will be able to forget about the silly fights you had with your partner. You will finally understand that they never meant to hurt you with their words or actions. Maybe a third person tried to confuse you in the past, someone toxic who doesn't want others to be happy.

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Things won't go as you wanted at work. Sometimes you feel like you attract bad luck or that there's always a plan against you. Your workmates seem to be putting obstacles in your way all the time!

Luckily, you are a very strong person and you will be able to deal with all of the conflicts you will find in your way. Your ability to react is extraordinary and you will be told so.

The Horoscope invites you to make sure you have all your documents up to date and sorted out – especially at work. This way, things will become easier in the future.


You could be tricked by advertisements. You will think that you need a particular supplement or a specific type of food just because you've seen it on TV or the media.

However, you won't need any of these as long as you eat traditional healthy food  – ideally, local and seasonal. Don't fall for these fad diets and go back to the old recipe book your parents or grandparents used at home!

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