Virgo Horoscope for Friday

Virgo Horoscope - Friday, February 5, 2021: Let others learn from their mistakes

Use your contacts list because today is a great day for new professional alliances


Virgo, you will have trust issues today. You doubt the love of your partner and you're more concerned about that feeling rather than loyalty.

You will have to fight against some prejudices that have left a mark in your life. You distance yourself from people just because of their appearance and not because of what they really are. Don't forget that true beauty isn't something you can see with your eyes.

Put yourself in the shoes of those around you and appreciate the diversity of the world from its many points of view. Let people express themselves the way they want to. Maybe you will be happier and more fulfilled after one or two conversations about religion or social rights.

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This will be a fantastic day to create new professional relationships. Your contacts list is very important and can make you really happy if you use it wisely. You can become very lucky if you're an entrepreneur.

Those Virgos with more years of experience in their career might feel a bit nostalgic today. Maybe things were better in the past but now the only thing you can do is face the present.

Be careful with your expenses. February is a very short month and you will get your salary some days before the usual but don't think that money grows on trees. Plus, you have this tendency to purchase pricey products!


If there's an area of your life that goes wonderfully and without any problem, this is your area of health! You feel great and your good mood will help you overcome your recent illnesses or discomfort.

You need to delegate responsibilities at work. The Stars predict that you will have trust issues with your partner but this feeling will also make you think that you are the only one who does things right. Relax, Virgo, and if others do something wrong, let them learn from their mistakes.

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